The Sandman


Available on DVD since December 2012
TV: 12. April 2012 on ZDF Kultur

Trailer (German with English subtitles)


Best Cinematography | GrandOff World Independant Shorts Awards, Warschau
Best Film School Work | Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia Sede Lombardia, Milan
Bester Studentenfilm | Festival of Fine Arts, Ungarn


18. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg
Belgrad Student Film Festival
Filmzeit Kaufbeuren
Grenzland Filmtage

Genre: Literature Adaptation, 44 Minutes
Director: Andreas Dahn
Writer: Michael Glasauer
Production Company: FFL Film- und Fernseh-Labor Ludwigsburg GmbH & Co. KG
Main Cast: André Kaczmarcyk, Anja Knauer, Bela B. Felsenheimer

Coproduction with ZDF (German Television) and Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Funded by the MFG (Film Funding Baden-Württemberg). Completed 2012.



In his childhood the little boy Nathanael has to witness how his father was murdered by an alchemist called Coppelius. As an adult, Nathanael believes his father’s murderer to be a salesman for glasses. Despite all the warnings of his fiancé, Klara, not to believe in the force of evil, Nathanael delves into his paranoia. When he buys a telescope from the salesman and takes a look through it, he sees the beautiful Olympia and falls in love with her, not realizing the steps he takes into his decay.

Andreas Dahn (Director), Benjamin Wieg (Camera) and Jurek Kuttner (SetDesign) finished their diploma with this film. The film was produced by FFL Film- und Fernseh-Labor in Coproduction with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.