War of Lies


Documentary, TV
89 Minutes

TV: ARD 2015




WINNER: International Documentary Emmy 2016!


IDFA Amsterdam | First Appearance
One World Prague | Competition
Film Fest Luxemburg | Competition
Hot Docs Toronto | Special Presentations
One World Bratislava | Competition
Docedge New Zealand | Competition

Genre: Documentary, 89 Minutes
Writer and Director: Matthias Bittner
Production Company: Zischlermann GmbH
Co-producer: FFL Film- und Fernseh-Labor Ludwigsburg GmbH & Co. KG
Broadcaster: SWR, BR



WAR OF LIES is the story of an Iraqi refugee, whose information about portable weapons of mass destruction passed through the hands of the BND, MI6 and CIA. This information was ultimately used by the US government to legitimize the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Today we know the war was based on a lie. The press blamed Rafed Ahmed Alwan, he, though, proudly presents himself as the man who helped remove Saddam Hussein. Was Alwan really able to walk all over the world’s intelligence services and how did this lie become a convenient truth?