Help, my mother is having my baby!


Genre: Drama
Director: Florian Knittel
Script: Markus Staender und Sarah Palma
Cast: Andrea Sawatzki, Jennifer Ulrich, Oliver Wnuk, Matthi Faust, Julischka Eichel, Marc Ben Puch, Hede Beck, Simon Licht



Sensible, dependable Marie is in her early-30s and wants nothing more than to have a child with her husband Benny. She couldn’t be more different from her own mother, Lola, a 49-year old musician with talent but little success, who has spent her life running from commitment and a so-called ‘normal’ life to pursue fast thrills and young men.

Ever since Lola abandoned her daughter all those years ago they have never been close. But all that’s about to change when a mix up of their files at their shared gynaecological clinic leaves Lola pregnant with the fertilised eggs meant for Marie! Suddenly, this soon-to-be grandmother is going to need to grow up.