Kash Kash


Premiere: 29.03.2022 at CPH:DOX


“NEXT:WAVE Award”, CPH:DOX, Denmark (2022)
“Most Original Documentary”, Millennium Festival Brussels, Belgium (2022)
“Winner First Steps Award – Documentary”, Germany (2022)
“Best Documentary”, EnergaCAMERIMAGE, Documentary Features Competition, Poland (2022)
“First Film Award & ASBU Special Mention & Broadcasting Award 2M (Morocco)”, Le PriMed, Festival de la Méditerranée en images, France (2022)


CPH:DOX, Denmark (2022)
Dok.fest Munich, Germany (2022)
Millennium Festival Brussels, Belgium (2022)
Ethnocineca – Ethnographic And Documentary Filmfest (Opening Film) Austria (2022)
Karlsruher Dokumentarfestival dokKa, Germany (2022)
Durban International Film Festival, South Africa (2022)
Dokufest, View From the World Kosovo August (2022)
Apricot Tree Ujan International Documentary Film Festival, Competition, Armenia (2022)
Filmfestival Kitzbühel, Austria (2022)
International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, International Section, India (2022)
BlackStar Film Festival, USA (2022)
German Film Week, Lebanon (2022)
Ajyal Film Festival, Quatar (2022)
MOVE IT! Filmfestival für Menschenrechte, Germany (2022)
DOC NYC, USA (2022)
Cork International Film Festival, Cinematic Documentary Award competition, Ireland (2022)
EnergaCAMERIMAGE, Documentary Features Competition, Poland (2022)
Le PriMed, Festival de la Méditerranée en images, France (2022)
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Competitoon Best Docunentary Germany (2022)
MiradasDoc, Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival Spain (2023)
Göteborg Film Festival, Voyage section, Sweden (2023)
Berlin International Film Festival, Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Germany (2023)

Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Director: Lea Najjar
DOP: Jonas Schneider
Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer

Co-production with SWR and Filmakademie BW. Funded by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg and Doha Film Institute. Completed 2022.



Beirut is torn apart by a corrupt political elite, anti-government protests, and one of the biggest explosions of the 21st century. But above the roofs of the city, I discovered an unexpected bearer of hope: the pigeon game of chance “Kash Hamam”. 

Every evening, in the golden sun above the labyrinth streets,  the sky populates, and all over the city swarms fly out of their cages. Their flight follows the choreography of an ancient tradition. Each player holds their own flock and lets it circle above his house, with the chance to lure the pigeons of the neighbors onto his roof, in order to catch it and expand his flock.

Then there is “Kash”. 

During the dystopian times of the recent political collapse of Lebanon, we embark on a journey from roof to roof. When it all perishes, why do we hold on to flying? The film observes a city in turmoil from the perspective of three pigeon players and a young girl fighting to release her own birds.